We’re proud to present our current title: Orbys!

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Orbys offers an artistic, immersive, visual experience that must be seen and challenging puzzles that will encourage the player to think critically. Unlike other games that have the player wandering through a world without impacting it, Orbys will let the player have a real, tangible effect on the environment. In fact, it’s required to get through puzzles that are integrated directly into the environment.

Solve thought provoking puzzles in a visually striking, 3D, low-poly environment as you embark on an intriguing journey. Unravel the solutions to environment-expansive puzzles in first person by manipulating objects around you using magical devices known as Orbys. Uncover the story behind this captivating world through exploration of beautifully crafted surroundings and the discovery of hidden objects.

Thought provoking puzzles
An exploratory journey.
Visually striking environments.
Environmental storytelling.
Hidden collectibles.

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