The Studio

Lexxicon Studios is a small gaming studio located in the Business and Technology Park in Whitewater, Wisconsin. It was established in May, 2016 and has been operating with a small crew since then, doing Research & Development before starting on it’s current project, Orbys.

The Team

Brian graduated from college in May, 2013 with a degree in Media Arts and Game Design. He has worked since then at Blackthorne Systems as their Lead JAVA Developer. During that time, he dedicated himself to saving up money and building industry connections to ensure the successful founding of Lexxicon Studios.

Brittany graduated from college in December, 2012 with a degree in Management and Computer Systems. She has worked since then as an Information Systems Specialist and now dedicates her time to Lexxicon Studios. Since graduating, she has increased her programming, management, project management, and communication skills significantly.

Cole Luther is a recent graduate, having just earned a Bachelor’s of Arts with a minor in Media Arts and Game Development. During his undergraduate career, he won several awards for various projects, including ‘Best in Show’ for his game Key Kingdom Souls in the MAGD expo of 2017, and ‘Best User Experience’ for Hypnogogia. Prior to working for Lexxicon, he worked at Mobile Mesh doing user interfaces and concept art for mobile games.

Vincent is currently an undergraduate in a Computer Science program. He has a passion for programming and game development. He has worked on several programming and gaming projects and regularly attends hackathons and game jams. His team won the Whitewater Hackathon in Fall of 2016. He worked in IT prior to his employment at Lexxicon Studios.