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What is Orbys?
Orbys is a 3D artistic puzzle, exploration game created in Unity. The gameplay revolves around the player exploring a beautifully crafted low-poly environment, solving puzzles embedded into the environment to progress and learn more about the world that surrounds them and those whose footsteps they may be following in.

What platforms will this project be available on?
Ultimately, Orbys will be available on Steam once it is released, but current development builds are available through itch.io.

How can people contact you or follow updates?
Lexxicon Studios’ Steam Group
Official Website

How has the journey of Orbys looked so far from inception to current status?
It has been a long process. Orbys started with a little demo of a little art game with orbs and the closer the player walked to the orb, the more of the world they could see. That morphed into the orbs having other effects on the environment, such as making objects physical or moving and rotating them. We went through a few different versions and down some dead ends. It’s different than something like an action game. It’s a mechanics-based game. We all have fun making a puzzle game. We decided to go all in because we refined the game and we crafted better mechanics to make the game good and ensure the game is going to be something people will enjoy. Something that’s pretty, that’s mentally engaging. Something that most people will get a benefit from. We’re really excited to have a working alpha of the game now, to have the game be mostly feature complete and be able to start really delving into the puzzles and the story.

What is your inspiration for Orbys?
When Lexxicon Studios was first established, we went through a researching phase we call ‘Rapid Prototyping’ where each week, each of the team members would create a small game based around a unique concept. We looked at all sorts of different things and through iterative process we came up with some interesting and artsy ideas. We went down that route and went through a lot of different ones. There were a lot games that didn’t make the cut or had too large a scope. This little prototype was an artistic and interesting experience that would be manageable as a first title. That’s how we came up with Orbys. The central idea of this game is orbs affecting the environment around them and the player interacting with them to have a real effect on their surroundings.

What kind of relationship do you want with the community for this project?
We really want to be involved with our community. We want to have them be involved in the development process of the game, show them works in progress, get feedback, and iterate from that. Our follow-up titles and possible expansions for Orbys would be focused more on the community. The studio’s ultimate goal is to move into multiplayer games, but as this is our first title, we wanted to gain more experience in the industry before delving into multiplayer. We also want to explore a variety of styles. As a studio, we are very interested in genre exploration and rapid prototyping, developing new experiences and gameplay mechanics.

What is the ultimate goal of this project/ what would success look like for this product?
Of course, our final goal is to produce Orbys and have it be a game that people enjoy. Our secondary goals are to build a community, gain community goodwill, gain industry experience, and build a contact network. Success for us really would be bringing enjoyment to others through our work, turn our visions into reality, and get people excited about seeing what else we can produce.
What measures will you take to ensure that Orbys is successfully completed?
We have a manager to help us meet deadlines and access to training and advisers that specialize in startup businesses. We got a small investment to help us get to this point. We all have college degrees and are trained on our fields so at this point, it’s really about having the money and the time to complete Orbys.

Can you talk a little about Lexxicon Studios and the path the studio as a whole has taken up until now, and where it plans to go in the future?
Lexxicon Studios is located in a small town in Wisconsin, founded by Brian Holman. We started off a year ago or so, with Brian hiring some students and alumni from the local college and we did our ‘Rapid Prototyping’ for three or four months. After we finished this process, we selected a project that, after analysis, would have had too large of a scope to get to the point Orbys currently is.

In the future, the studio wants to head toward the multiplayer genre and make more community based games. Group experiences are important to us as a team. We also want to expand to having more students of the university as employees and take the process that we did with the iterative prototyping to keep coming up with unique ideas.
So far, the studio has been involved with the local community, sponsored some game jams and game expos on the campus, and given some talks at the university.

If you have one key message you want people to take away from this, what would it be?
We’re developers trying to make a game that people will like. We’d really appreciate your support. Thank you so much for your time.